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This site is privately owned and is not associated with the government. It contains information to help you in your application process for senior assistance programs. What is the HUD VASH program? The HUD housing program for veterans is available through combined resources of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). The goal is to offer veterans housing assistance programs that provide homeless former service members and their families with rental assistance vouchers as well as managed health care and mental health treatment. For more information on HUD for veterans including HUD VASH benefits and eligibility requirements, review the sections provided below.

What is the HUD VASH program?

The HUD-VASH program is a housing assistance programs available through the combined efforts of HUD and VA that strives to reduce and ultimately eliminate homelessness among U.S. veterans. HUD VASH benefits are plentiful, as veterans and their families can gain access to housing through rental assistance vouchers as well as support services such as mental health treatment, substance-use counseling and health care. These are core parts of the program, as the HUD-VASH care management services are designed to assist veterans in obtaining housing and other supportive services as well as to aid these former service members in sustaining permanent housing and improving quality of life.

HUD for veterans has already helped countless veterans and their families who have experienced long-term homelessness or repeated homelessness. This HUD housing program had already provided more than 78,000 vouchers to aid homeless veterans across the United States by September of 2015. Find out more about Section 8 vouchers and obtaining affordable housing as a senior in our free guide.

Learn About HUD VASH Requirements

What is the HUD VASH program eligibility criterion? During the HUD VASH application process, former service members will need to furnish certain documents and information needed to determine qualifications for housing benefits. The veterans housing assistance program is only available for qualified former service members and their families. However, some additional services, such as health care and mental health assessments, may only be available for the veteran. U.S. veterans who are experiencing homelessness or have been repeatedly been homeless within a short amount of time should qualify for housing benefits.

As of 2008, HUD VASH eligibility requirements are no longer included having a chronic substance abuse disorder or be mentally ill. However, HUD VASH benefits may include getting substance abuse treatments. The federal definition of homeless does not just refer to literally homeless but also includes individuals about to lose their housing and those who are fleeing from or attempting to flee from domestic violence or any other life-threatening situation. There are also income eligibility requirements.

An individual will be ineligible for this HUD housing program if he or she are required to maintain a lifetime Sexual Offender Registry status. HUD VASH eligible veterans must also be able to complete daily living activities and live in their communities independently. An applicant may meet the eligibility requirements for a different program if he or she cannot care for him or herself and needs daily assistance.

While these are the requirements that you should be aware of prior to completing the HUD VASH application process, it is crucial that you understand that there are additional requirements and responsibilities that must be met if you are accepted into the program. Homeless veterans and their families that receive rental assistance through HUD housing programs are required to receive VA case management services such as health care, mental health treatment or substance abuse counseling until the VAMC deems that this is no longer needed. Additionally, those receiving HUD VASH benefits must be identified in the Public and Indian Housing Information Center. These records must be kept updated to continue receiving aid from HUD-VASH.

Download our comprehensive guide for details on requirements and applying for housing assistance successfully.

How to Apply for HUD VASH

It is crucial to understand how to apply for HUD VASH assistance, including what methods are available. Seniors should submit a HUD VASH application if they are homeless veterans or about to become homeless. The HUD VASH application process can be begun in one of two different ways. The first is by visiting the local Department of Veterans Affairs office or by getting in contact by phone. The VA offers an abundance of supportive services and programs for veterans including HUD-VASH. Through the VA Homeless Program, seniors will be able to contact the HUD-VASH program directly or obtain a referral from a case manager in any other federal housing program.

Seniors can also apply for HUD VASH benefits by contacting the National Call Center for Homeless Veterans, where they will be connected to a trained VA responder. The VA responder will assess HUD VASH eligibility with a few questions and may connect applicants who meet the requirements for benefits with the Homeless Program’s point of contact that is closest to them. Additionally, seniors may be required to provide the VA responder with your contact information so that a staff member may follow up at a later date.