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Learn About the Health Plan Costs and Availability for Seniors

How much does Obamacare cost for senior citizens? ACA insurance price estimates are not exact figures, as many different factors can contribute to overall health plan costs. Many prospective applicants wonder, “How much will Obamacare insurance cost me?” but do not realize that the costs for Obamacare vary from applicant to applicant. Obamacare health insurance plans costs will be based on household size, income and in what state and county the senior citizen lives. To find out how much Obamacare will cost, it is best to consider the questions asked on the application to determine such figures. To find out more information regarding Affordable Care Act insurance price estimates, continue reading below.

What factors into ACA insurance price estimates for seniors?

Many factors are considered for ACA insurance price estimates for senior citizens, as elderly applicants have less restrictive financial requirements and more health care options. While many prospective petitioners assume that Obamacare health insurance plans costs are similar across the board, many applicants will receive different price estimates when they apply. Applicants are able to receive personalized price estimates through the Marketplace website as long as they submit the necessary information for consideration. In addition to age, common factors used to determine price estimates for ACA insurance include the following:

  • Household size and expected income
  • If the applicant is a parent of a child younger than 19 years of age
  • What county and state the applicant resides
  • If the applicant is eligible for other health insurance coverage options
  • Type of plan preferred

The household size will play an important role in determining ACA insurance price estimates, especially if the household meets the eligibility requirements for Medicaid. A prospective applicant may find more affordable insurance rate options if he or she has more dependents and a low expected income. If a potential applicant earns less money than the federal poverty level, then he or she will be eligible for more affordable government plans. If an applicant makes more than the federal poverty level limit, then he or she may still have Obamacare health care options available, just at a higher price point.

The type of Obamacare health insurance plan chosen will also greatly affect the cost. For instance, if an applicant chooses a health insurance plan that has limited benefits, basic coverage and a higher deductible, then he or she will have a less expensive monthly premium than an applicant who chooses the health insurance plan with fewer out-of-pocket costs, more coverage and added benefits. To find out more about Obamacare health insurance plans costs and which plans will best fit the needs of the applicant, download our helpful guide today.

How much does Obamacare cost for senior citizens?

While there is no universal answer for ACA insurance price estimates, there are ways in which an applicant can figure out associated costs. For instance, Obamacare health insurance plans costs can be affected if an applicant receives an estimated premium tax credit. The premium tax credit is not the amount of the premium that will be paid but is a credit that can be used toward the monthly insurance premium. When an applicant meets the eligibility requirements for a premium tax credit, this estimate will be how much he or she can save each month on insurance premiums. Filling out a few simple pieces of information through the ACA Marketplace will provide applicants with an estimate of the premium credit that they can expect. This estimate can help provide a more comprehensive answer to how much Obamacare will cost an applicant.

How to Find Obamacare Health Insurance Plans Costs for Seniors

For senior applicants wondering, “How much will Obamacare insurance cost me?” the only way to find out is by applying for coverage. Applicants seeking ACA insurance price estimates will need to first make sure that the ACA Open Enrollment Period has begun. Applicants can only purchase Obamacare insurance plans during Open Enrollment. If the Open Enrollment period is over, then an applicant must qualify for a Special Enrollment Period, which is either due to a life event taking place or becoming qualified for Medicaid.

To find Obamacare health insurance plan estimates, applicants will need to visit the Healthcare Marketplace website and enter their zip code, along with a few basic questions regarding income and household members. The Marketplace will provide premium assessments along with health insurance plans and estimated prices for each plan. The applicant will then be able to assess how much Obamacare will cost based on the health insurance plan chosen. To find out more information regarding how much does Obamacare cost for senior citizens, download our comprehensive guide today.