Learn About Senior Discount Options: Insurance, Groceries and More

Getting a senior discount could potentially save you $1000s in the long run. From restaurants and groceries to car insurance, hundreds of companies offer special savings opportunities for older adults. The senior discount age may vary depending on the company, but usually, adults ages 50 and older can access these promotions.

Finding a senior citizen discount is important for many older Americans, especially those living on a fixed income. These discounts can range between 5% to 50% off the cost of a service or good. Sometimes, senior discounts come in the form of freebies or extras. 

Auto Insurance for Seniors

Low cost auto insurance for seniors is available from a number of car insurance companies. Seniors often pay the highest car insurance premiums among all drivers; many companies increase rates because of the increased risk of accidents.

However, finding cheap car insurance for seniors is not as hard as it seems. There are many companies that reward drivers for safe driving behaviors, including seniors. Seniors may also receive discounts on their car insurance premiums for completing safety courses. For example, taking a defensive driving course can help seniors become better drivers, therefore reducing their risk of getting into an accident.

Some may even qualify for AARP car insurance for seniors, which offers its own set of senior discounts. AARP does not sell car insurance directly; instead, it partners with auto insurance companies to expand discounts to adults over 50.

Senior Food Discounts

One of the most popular types of senior discounts include discounts on groceries. For example, Publix senior discount day draws crowds by the hundreds looking to save a few extra dollars. Publix, a large grocery chain across the southeastern U.S., offers an extra 5% discount on certain days for adults ages 60 and older.

Getting a senior discount on your groceries may only save a few bucks here and there, but it can add up fast. If you go grocery shopping once a week and spend $100 each trip, you could save $20 or more each month just by scheduling your trips around the senior discount days!

The senior discount Safeway provides is just as enticing. Depending on the location of the store, seniors ages 55 and older can receive 10% off most items in the store. The Albertsons senior discount is the same, since the two stores merged in 2015. Most locations offer this discount on the first Wednesday of each month, but it’s best to check with your store for specific dates and times.

Finding a senior restaurant discount can feel like finding free money. Going out to eat is a luxury for many folks living on a restricted income. Luckily, there are plenty of senior discounts available for restaurants, cafes, fast food chains and other eateries.

The senior discount age varies for restaurant discounts. For example, the McDonald’s senior discount age is 55 in most locations, which is lower than a few other notable chains. Those who qualify for this senior discount can receive discounted coffee and beverages. Some locations may provide discounts on other items as well.

When it comes to AARP discounts, restaurants are some of the most popular types of promotions. By joining AARP, you can access discounts between 10 and 15% off at numerous restaurants, from fine dining to fast food locations.

There are a few notable AARP discounts restaurants offer, such as:

  • 10% off at Denny’s
  • 10% off at Carrabba’s
  • 5% off and a free drink at Taco Bell

Sometimes, a senior restaurant discount is more than just a percentage off the total bill. For example, iHOP as a 55 and older menu that offers a variety of items at an affordable rate. Diners who mee the age requirement can receive pancakes, eggs, coffee and other breakfast favorites at a discounted price.

Cell Phone Discounts for Seniors

If you’re looking for cheap cell phone plans for seniors, you have many options to choose from. Cell phone companies understand the needs for most seniors. Unlike younger users, many older adults do not require unlimited data or 4K streaming usage. Many seniors prefer to pay for only what they need, like talk and text, to stay connected with family.

Some of the best senior cell phone deals are offered through AARP. Both Consumer Cellular and AT&T partner with AARP to provide discounted service. For example, the AT&T senior citizens discount offers savings of 10% on talk and text and 15% on accessories. Seniors can also have up to $45 for upgrade or activation charges.

The Verizon senior discount is another option for folks who want unlimited data, talk and text at an affordable rate. Anyone ages 55 and older can sign up for the Verizon senior discount 55+ plan, which starts at just $60 per month for one line or $80 per month for two lines.

T-Mobile offers a senior discount with their own version of the 55+ plan. Those who qualify can get two lines for $70 per month and a free Netflix subscription with the Magenta 55+ plan.

Travel Insurance Discounts for Seniors

A senior travel insurance discount can help older adults save money while protecting their trips, no matter the destination. Travel insurance is recommended for all travelers but is especially important for seniors. If you cannot complete your travel plans for any qualified reason, you can receive some or all of what you paid as a refund. Without it, you could lose thousands of dollars.

Getting a senior travel insurance discount makes it even more attainable to purchase a policy. Depending on the travel insurance plan, you can receive coverage between 75% and 100% of your travel costs.

Sometimes, cancelling your plans is out of your control. For example, if your tour is canceled or delayed, you could be out hundreds or thousands of dollars. Most policies also provide coverage for flight cancellations and accommodations if you are stranded at the airport.

You can find a senior travel insurance discount from a number of travel agencies and insurance companies. For example, some of the most widely used travel insurance companies are listed below:

  • Allianz
  • World Nomads
  • John Hancock·  Travelex