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How to Find Funeral Plots for Seniors

Understanding how to find funeral plots for seniors and knowing what to consider when looking for a burial plot are important when planning a service for a loved one. The process of finding burial plots begins with considering your personal expectations and funeral budget. The price of a cemetery plot is separate from the cost of choosing a coffin and funeral service, so finding a cost-effective option is important to many seniors. The best method for finding burial plots for seniors is browsing local cemeteries that offer the price and burial plot features you are looking for. Each cemetery offers different features for burial plots that may incur additional fees. Some cemeteries also place regulations on decorations, types of burial containers and monuments or memorials used. Finding funeral plots involves researching and considering all of the previously mentioned points to avoid being overcharged by a cemetery. Learn how to find a funeral plot that suits your needs by reviewing the following information.

When to Search for a Burial Plot

The best time for finding burial plots and begin looking for a cemetery is well before a loved one has passed away. Finding a burial plot in advance means you will have plenty of time to find a cemetery and plot that fits your budget, as you will have more options than if you wait until the last minute. Looking for a burial plot ahead of time will also give you the opportunity to make sure the plot is in the location you want. Pre-arrangement also leaves loved ones with one less factor to consider about after a death occurs. However, situations sometimes occur that require cemetery and burial plot arrangements to be made after death. It is important to know what to consider when looking for a burial plot to help make decisions for either situation. Learn more by downloading our free guide.

What to Consider When Looking for a Burial Plot

Before finding burial plots and choosing a cemetery, seniors should know what to consider when looking for a burial plot. The first step in how to find burial plots is to thoroughly understand the costs involved with purchasing one. This is especially crucial because the Funeral Rule, which offers protections on purchases made from funeral homes, does not include cemeteries unless they provide funeral items and services. If you are finding a burial plot as a senior, remember that the advertised price of a plot only includes the burial plot itself, with additional features costing extra. However, some of these additional features, such as burial containers and interment fees, are required by cemeteries to proceed with a burial.

Another point to consider when looking for burial plots is the location of the cemetery. You may want the cemetery to be in a convenient location for funeral attendees and loved ones to come visit the plot when they wish to pay their respects. Last, before finding burial plots, consider your own or your loved one’s preferences, values and wishes for a burial. Decide whether the burial plot should be in a religious cemetery, cultural site or at a certain geographical location. Consider what monument, memorial and decorations will be at the gravesite and any personal preferences for the scenery surrounding the cemetery and burial plot. When searching for a burial plot, it is important to keep these details in mind.

Steps for Finding Burial Plots for Seniors

After understanding what to consider when looking for a burial plot, you can follow these steps on finding a suitable location. When searching for burial plots, consult with your family to decide on a cost limit. Once all costs are taken into account, plots can be quite expensive. Consider the costs of a plot with your overall budget for funeral expenses in mind. Remember, the cost of a burial plot usually comes with additional fees for burial containers, interment, maintenance and other services that cemeteries do not always disclose right away. After developing a budget, start finding burial plots by researching and communicating with cemeteries in your area. When searching for funeral plots, it is important to keep your wishes or the wishes of your loved ones in mind.

One of the factors to consider when looking for a burial plot involves bundling funeral home and cemetery services. Many funeral homes have connections with cemeteries where you can find discounted burial services. Because cemeteries are not required to provide price lists under the Funeral Rule, be sure to ask about any discounted plots and all additional fees associated with the purchase of a funeral plot. As you find burial plots that fit your needs, keep your overall funeral budget in mind so you do not end up overspending. Comparing funeral plots in terms of overall prices and services offered at the cemeteries you have discovered can help you narrow down your choices. The next step in finding burial plots is to visit multiple cemeteries and look at the spaces available. Consider the location, price and overall aesthetic of the cemetery as you tour each one. Keep in the mind the points to consider when looking for a burial plot as you make your final decision. When you make a funeral plot decision, consult with the cemetery for any documents you may need to sign. You may also want to prepay for the burial plot for added convenience. Last, purchase any additional items that are necessary for the burial, like burial containers, monuments or decorations that reflect your wishes or the spirit of the deceased. For more on how to find funeral plots, download our free and comprehensive guide.