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How to Choose a Cremation Urn

To choose a cremation urn, you need to know the options and the purpose of the urn. What to consider when selecting a cremation urn depends on the decisions you have made regarding the cremation and where the urn will go. Choosing a cremation urn is easier when you know the available options, costs and benefits so you can select the right urn for your needs. By selecting an urn for yourself in advance, you can relieve your family and friends from making this difficult choice during the grieving process. Regardless of who is buying the urn or arranging for the cremation, however, it is important to keep certain considerations in mind. To learn all about what to consider when selecting a cremation urn, download our in-depth guide.

What to Consider When Selecting a Cremation Urn

When selecting cremation urns, whether for right now or for the future, learning all the details of choosing and purchasing an urn can help you to decide on the right option. First in the guidelines to select a cremation urn is to consider where the urn will go. Choose your cremation urn based on its destination: If you want to bury or inter the cremation urn, you should choose materials and size accordingly. If you want to select a cremation urn to keep at home on a mantel or otherwise prominent place, you will want to consider the aesthetics of the vessel. You might also want to add a personal inscription to the urn, which is easily done depending upon the material used.

Certain cremation urn considerations, such as its material, style and requirements specified by its final destination will all add to your decision-making process when choosing your own cremation urn. Another aspect to consider is the urn’s size and shape, which you can learn more about below.

How to Determine the Size of a Cremation Urn

When choosing cremation urns, be sure to consider that potential weight range. Know how to determine the size of the cremation urn to fit the cremated remains or ashes, which can weigh anywhere from 3 to 9 pounds. You will want to choose a cremation urn size that not only accommodates the cremated remains but that also suits your specific needs. The weight of the ashes can often be predetermined based on body weight, which you can learn about in our guide.

If you are planning to inter a cremation urn at a mausoleum or cemetery, there might be specific size requirements you will have to meet, as interred cremation urns reside in a vault due to the weight of cemetery equipment. Alternatively, you can choose a cremation urn to keep at home. If you are keeping the remains, there are no limitations on design, size or scale. You can even choose a wearable jewelry urn that holds a small amount of the cremated remains.

Determine the size of a cremation urn based on your intentions for the remains. You can choose a cremation urn that is more basic if you are planning to scatter the ashes during a memorial service. Alternatively, there may no need to purchase one at all, as the crematory or funeral home should provide a temporary container you can utilize. Of course, you may opt to purchase an urn anyway.

Guidelines to Select a Cremation Urn

There are some guidelines to select a cremation urn, but it is important to note that there are no legal restrictions or requirements for cremation urns. When you are planning ahead for cremation as a senior, it is best to also purchase an urn in advance that you can prepay to help your family and ensure that you choose the best one for you.

You can choose a cremation urn from something as simple as a basic cardboard box or a favorite coffee tin to an elegant marble or ceramic urn with customized designs and inscriptions. When choosing your own cremation urn, what you select is up to you.

You can purchase a cremation urn through the crematory or funeral service provider you are working with to arrange all your cremation services. Alternatively, choose your own cremation urn and purchase something unique at any store or online if you want something different. Choose a cremation urn that is more basic if you intend to have your remains scattered or buried on private property. You can learn more about all your options for cremation urns and the potential costs involved in our comprehensive guide.