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You may be wondering how to apply for food stamps if you know that you meet the eligibility requirements for the program. You can apply for food stamps in different ways, including online, in person, over the phone and through the mail. However, to complete the application process you need to have an interview. The states are the ones in charge of the food stamps program, also known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), so to get the benefits you need to apply at your local office. Although you can get help from national agencies like the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) to fill out your application, the state and local agencies are the ones who process and approve them. Learn about the different ways you can complete and submit your application to your local benefits office in the sections below.

Learn About the Food Stamp Application Form

Whether you apply for food stamps online or through a different method, you will need to provide the same basic information. Seniors have different eligibility requirements than other adults, but the application forms are generally the same and the information you need to share during the application process for food stamps is the same as well. You will be asked to give information about your income, the size of your household and the resources you have access to. On the application, you will need to share the incomes of every person in your family, including the money they receive from programs like Social Security. This information is important to make sure you get the help you need. The SNAP application will also need to include a list of every person that lives with you, and as much personal information on them as you know from each of them. Try to be thorough, this can speed up the process. Finally, you will need to share financial information on all your resources, like car, cash and bank accounts you have.

Try to be as accurate as possible when you fill out the application form. If you give the wrong information, the benefits you receive may not be enough. If you make a mistake in the form by accident, then the local office will make the changes, but if you knowingly put false information in your application you may be prosecuted for fraud. If you have applied for food stamps in the past and try to reapply you can also be prosecuted. If you give false or inaccurate information and get more benefits than you need, you will have to pay the money you got by mistake back. Learn more about the food stamp application rules and requirements by downloading our guide on benefits for seniors.

Learn About Applying for Food Stamps for Your Household

Before sending in a food stamps application, it is important to understand what qualifies as a household. You can apply for senior food assistance for everyone in your household at the same time if the household meets SNAP eligibility requirements. Individuals who live in the same home, buy meals together and share food are considered a “household” for a SNAP application. There can be more than one household in a single home. For example, if you live under the same roof with other people who buy groceries separately and only use their own food when preparing meals, this would also qualify as a household.

A senior’s food stamps application form can be signed and turned in by someone else, as long as the senior authorizes that person to represent him or her. This is a popular option for seniors who are housebound or do not feel comfortable managing their own SNAP benefits. Authorized representatives can also shop for a senior. This arrangement can be agreed on during the initial food stamps application process or after a senior begins receiving benefits.

Learn About the Methods for Turning in a Food Stamps Application

Many state offices allow seniors to apply for food stamps online, over the phone, through the mail or in person. However, the food stamps application methods will change based on where seniors live. Many states allow applicants to submit a form online, but others may ask applicants to fill out a paper form. If you don’t know how to apply for food stamps online, make sure you visit the state government’s website.

Online food stamps applications generally need you to create an account, so as to return to your unfinished application and check the status of your form. Most states will also give applications to print at home or pick up in person at a benefits office. A paper copy of a senior food stamp application can be returned in the mail or dropped off at a local public assistance office.

Seniors who choose to apply for food stamps benefits in person may be able to have their SNAP interview during the same visit, depending on the capabilities of the office at that time. Learn more about what happens after a senior applies for food stamps by downloading our guide to senior benefits.