Learn About SR-22 Insurance

An SR-22 is a document required in many U.S. states that ensures that all drivers are financially responsible when operating their motor vehicles. Because SR22 insurance is not actually a type of insurance, states without insurance requirements may still demand that some drivers purchase the special coverage. Drivers wondering, “What is an SR22?” must understand that the SR-22 is a simply a certificate from the insurance provider that proves a motorist has automobile coverage. Some states may require drivers to carry the SR-22 form along with other proof of insurance. Typically, this form is necessary after a senior is in a vehicle collision without car insurance, or after they are pulled over for reckless driving or a DUI charge. Seniors looking for cheap SR22 insurance that adhere to state guidelines must explore the options offered by various insurance agencies. Seniors without car insurance may need to buy an auto coverage policy to obtain the SR22 form and maintain driving privileges. To discover how to obtain the cheapest SR22 insurance and maintain it according to states’ insurance requirements, seniors should review the following sections.

What is SR22 Insurance?

The SR-22 is a certificate that can verify seniors’ liability coverage, often called a certificate of financial responsibility. Insurance companies report SR22 insurance certificates to states’ Department of Motor Vehicles or equivalent driving agency, if necessary. However, SR22 is not the only proof of financial responsibility that seniors may use. For instance, a certificate of deposit and liability bond serve similar purposes as SR-22 in addition to, or instead of, basic vehicle insurance. Most states have some vehicle insurance policies that require senior drivers to purchase minimum liability insurance to cover bodily injuries, property damage and destruction. However, what SR-22 insurance does is guarantee that seniors who have been involved in vehicle accidents, have committed multiple minor traffic violations or have committed a serious traffic violation, misdemeanor or felony can meet insurance requirements. Although SR-22 does not have to be maintained indefinitely, courts may require seniors to obtain and keep the certification for as long as deemed appropriate.

All seniors who must complete an SR-22 form and obtain certification of financial responsibility are classified as high-risk drivers, meaning that they are prone to reckless driving and committing offenses, and may receive more severe penalties for breaking traffic laws. However, seniors with this certificate of financial responsibility may still operate their motor vehicles normally with few restrictions if their driving privileges are restored. Seniors must learn how an SR22 insurance certificate functions and what it means for their standard insurance policy.

When is SR22 necessary?

SR22 insurance is needed whenever the state motor vehicle department requests proof of financial responsibility. Therefore, seniors are encouraged to keep their SR-22 certificates accessible at all times and communicate with their vehicle insurance companies regularly. If insurance companies decide to drop SR-22 coverage for any reason, the state’s motor vehicle department will be informed. Senior drivers who continue to use their vehicles without proper certification will face consequences such as driver’s license suspensions. SR22 insurance may only be canceled legally if seniors request relief from the requirement. If seniors lose SR22 coverage for any period during the time in which the courts ordered them to have the certificates, they may be subject to additional penalties.

Seniors looking to purchase cheap SR22 insurance must shop around for low car insurance rates, as having a car insurance policy is often a requirement of getting the SR-22 form. An SR-22 is typically needed when a senior drives their vehicle without insurance and get in to a car accident, or are pulled over for reckless driving. If seniors are involved in a DUI or DWI charge, they must also obtain an SR-22 form. Obtaining SR-22 insurance is often a crucial step in restating a suspended or revoked license. The length in which seniors must maintain this form of financial responsibility will vary depending on the conviction and seniors’ locations. Other reasons seniors may need an SR-22 may vary based on the state’s insurance requirements.

How to Get SR22 Coverage

If the DMV requires seniors to provide an SR-22 certificate, seniors can request the form from their auto insurance company to provide proof of auto insurance liability coverage. However, seniors must be aware that SR22 filing may involve switching insurance providers because few insurance companies choose to insure high-risk drivers. Seniors in need of an SR-22 may need to purchase an auto insurance policy if they are currently uninsured, and rates can be high due to the high-risk status. Seniors must find reputable, licensed insurance providers to guarantee that the certificate of financial responsibility is legitimate and binding. To do so, seniors may contact their local departments of insurance and ask about the status of a potential insurance provider. Seniors must also fully disclose all information on the incident that led to the SR22 requirement. This means that seniors must tell their current vehicle insurance providers about their driving records and ask for coverage or learn how to cancel existing insurance policies to obtain coverage from a different provider.

Once seniors decide on their insurance provider for SR-22 proof, they may choose the amount of coverage they would like. Seniors are advised to find the cheapest SR22 insurance option by purchasing at least the minimum liability insurance required by the state, if applicable. However, seniors should still compare SR22 insurance providers’ costs and request quotes from companies whenever possible. Seniors should also consider calculating the total cost of SR22 which would estimate the cost of financial responsibility certification for the entire coverage period.