How to Replace a Car Registration

If you have stolen or lost car registration documents, you should attempt to replace them as soon as possible. Replacing car registration materials is important, because you are required to have a current, valid registration for your vehicle in order to legally drive it. Therefore, you will need to replace car registration documents if they are lost, stolen, destroyed or marred beyond readability by a law officer. You may also wish to learn how to obtain a copy of car registration materials if you need to update personal information on the documents, such as your name or address. In the sections below, you will learn how to replace car registration documents, as well as some of the common methods and requirements needed for replacement.

How to Replace a Senior Car Registration

Lost senior car registration may be replaced via a number of methods. If you need to obtain duplicate car registration documents, you may be able to do so online, by mail or in person at a DMV office. You will likely have to pay a fee to replace your registration, so you should have payment on hand, regardless of the method you choose. In some states, you will need to obtain your copy of car registration in person or by mail, rather than online, if your registration documents were stolen or otherwise lost during a crime. You may also want to report the crime to your local law enforcement agency.

If you choose to replace car registration online (and the online replacement option is available in your state), you will need to visit the appropriate site and submit payment information. The process for obtaining a duplicate senior car registration is the same whether your card has been stolen, lost, destroyed, or you simply need to update its information. You may be entitled to a free DMV copy of registration. This is usually the case when you complete an application online and are not able to print off your new registration documents for some reason. In such cases, you can ask to reprint your DMV registration copy within a certain window of time. Reprints sometimes require you to fill out a special form.

If you are applying for replacement car registration for seniors in person at your local DMV, you will likely be able to fill out an application at the office. However, if you are replacing a DMV lost registration by mail, you will need to download, print and complete an application to mail off. In some cases, this is a unique application different from those used through other methods. As always, replacing your lost car registration by mail requires you to include payment for the appropriate fees. Check, money order or credit card information is usually an acceptable form of payment.

What do I do if I have a lost car registration?

To obtain senior duplicate car registration, you will need to have the correct information on hand. The following are some common pieces of lost car registration information you may need to provide in order to replace your registration:

  • The registration number on your vehicle (or a license plate number)
  • A drivers license or state ID card number, or another acceptable form of identification
  • Payment for a replacement fee (such as a debit or credit card number)
  • An email address (for online replacements)
  • Confirm your listed ZIP code

If you are replacing senior car registration online, you may need to adjust your web browser, or seek assistance for proper access. There are also certain vehicles for which you cannot replace car registration online in some states. Check with your local DMV to see if you are able to replace your lost car registration online. If you are able to do so, you may have the opportunity to print a temporary, duplicate car registration while you wait for your new registration in the mail. This temporary registration is usually valid for a matter of days or weeks, after which time it will expire.

If you choose to obtain a DMV copy of registration for seniors by mail, the first step is to learn the correct address to which you must send your application. Once you know the address, you can download the duplicate car registration application and fill it out. When the application is filled out, mail it to the correct address, along with a check or money order (or credit card information, if applicable) to the correct address. In some states, you can only apply for a DMV registration copy by mail if you need to replace your previous registration, or if you need to update your address. You may not be able to update your name by the mail-in method.

If you are applying for a DMV lost registration replacement in person, visit your local DMV office, service center or mobile station with appropriate fees and information. You may need to fill out a duplicate car registration application ahead of time, along with providing proof of your identity.