How to Change the Address on Your Car Registration

Senior drivers should change car registration address information any time they move from one residence to another or need their mail forwarded to another address for any reason. Performing an address change on car registration documents is important, because DMVs usually notify you before your registration expires. Unless you learn how to fill out a change of address car registration application, your renewal notice will not be forwarded to your new address, and you may miss the opportunity to be informed about when to renew. Below, learn how to change car registration address information as a senior vehicle owner.

Different Methods for Changing Car Registration Address Information for Seniors

To change your senior car registration address, you will need to contact your local DMV or DMV-equivalent office. You should perform a DMV change of address registration if you change residence, acquire a P.O. Box or, in some cases, if you want mail for a vehicle registered under your name to be forwarded to a child or grandchild. Most DMVs require you to complete a senior address change on car registration materials within a certain frame of time. If you do not complete the change in a timely manner, you may miss out on important mail or, in some states, be subject to a traffic violation for driving with outdated information on your registration.

Changing your car registration address is also necessary in addition to changing your address with the U.S. Postal Service (USPS). Car registration address changes are not performed automatically when you update your address with the USPS; you have to change your information with the DMV separately. In some states, a DMV car registration address change will not require you to order new documents, however it is always a good idea to keep your documents up-to-date. When you update with the DMV, your new address may or may not be updated on other materials such as your (digital) title. Your car registration address change is also not accomplished by updating your address after a traffic ticket.

As far as how to change the address on your car registration, you may have several options available to you depending on the state in which you live. For example, you may be able to apply for a car registration address change online or in person. Commonly, you will need the following pieces of information if you are filling out a change of address car registration application online:

  • Your driver license number (or ID card/learners permit number)
  • Your previous address
  • Your new address

To change the address on your senior car registration by mail, find the address of your local DMV office and mail a change of address car registration application to that office, along with any required payment (if applicable). Generally, if payment is required for updating the address on your car registration documents, the application form will make this clear, or provide a place for you to input payment information.

If you would like to change car registration address information in person, you should find, download, print and complete your DMV’s address change application and bring it into your local office. However, many DMVs encourage residents to use other methods, such as the online method, to change senior car registration address information, in order to keep offices less busy. You are free to use your preferred method of updating your registration.

Learn Other Important Information Regarding How to Change Address on Registration Documents

Changing senior car registration address information may require other knowledge, in addition to the methods described above. For example, in some states, you can only change your car registration address in person. There may be an online method available for changing DMV address information, but this address change may only allow you to change the address where your car registration renewal notice will be sent. Your registration documents will not automatically be updated. In such states, you may need to fill out a change of address car registration application and bring it in to a DMV office in order to change the listed address on your car title. If you are able to complete a DMV car registration address change online, you should be prepared to share your license plate number and Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), which can be found in several places. Online address changes may take several business days to process.

Some states do not want you to change your car registration address to a temporary mailing address. In these states, you are only required to update your car registration address if you move to a new, permanent residence. In some states, you can also update your voter address information if you update your senior car registration address information. However, this is only available if you are registered to vote, already. Usually, if you move to a different county or have yet to register to vote, you will not be able to update your voter information by updating it with the DMV.