Learn About Affordable Weekend Activities for Seniors

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Your senior years are a time to enjoy and experience more that life has to offer. Whether summer or winter, daytime or nighttime, every part of your community is likely replete with opportunities to participate in activities for seniors that cost little to no money. There are activities available to stimulate the mind, body and soul alike, depending on your interests. Though the activities listed below are all available to enjoy over the weekends, most of them can be enjoyed during the weekdays as well. For any activity that takes place at a particular site, like a park, business or community center, call ahead or research online to learn about operating hours and costs. Be sure to ask whether a senior discount is available. For your convenience, the suggestions below of affordable weekend activities for seniors are divided into those you can enjoy outdoors or indoors, depending on the time of year and time of day.

Outdoor Activities

When the weather is sunny and clear outside, there are many outdoor activities seniors can enjoy on the weekends for little to no cost at all. Be sure to check the weather before heading out to enjoy the following activities and dress appropriately. Consider bringing a buddy or, at least, letting someone know where you will be going.

Walking: It costs nothing at all to take a walk through the neighborhood, the nearby forest, a beach or local park. Experience fresh air, get your body moving and enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of nature. During cold or rainy days, you can walk indoors at places like the local mall.

Bicycling: If you would rather pick up the pace and cover more ground, you should consider cycling. Bike riding also costs nothing if you already have your own bike. If you do not have a bike, you can rent one for very little money at many local parks. Some bike shops also offer cheap bike rentals. You will find an increasing number of bike paths being built in towns and cities across your state, allowing seniors to experience the breadth and beauty of the area with relative comfort, ease and safety. Ask your county or local parks department to provide you with lists or maps of bike paths and trails to explore around your area.

Boating and Fishing: You do not need a boat to fish because you can engage in this activity while standing on the shore. If you do own a boat, you can cruise around without feeling the pressure to fish. Boating and fishing are two affordable activities seniors can enjoy at once, if they please. Rent a canoe, kayak or rowboat from a local shop. You can also rent fishing gear from many local sporting goods or bait and tackle shops. Some public lakes may also offer boating and fishing supply rentals. Get out on the water and experience the peace and tranquility it offers. While you are out there, you may be able to catch fish to barbecue on the shore or cook up later for dinner. You can also bring a picnic and picnic blanket to spread out on a remote shoreline.

Indoor Activities

Whether it is wintertime or nighttime, seniors have numerous possibilities of free and low-cost activities to enjoy inside, while staying safe and comfortable from weather that may be less than ideal. Call any facility ahead of your intended visit to make sure they are open and that no reservations are required. If certain clothing is recommended or certain supplies required, find out about those ahead of time as well so you will show up prepared to fully enjoy the experience.

Take a Class: Check out the schedule of weekend courses available at your various local colleges and universities. Many schools will allow seniors to audit undergraduate and graduate courses for very little cost. Alternatively, some schools even offer lifelong learning programs designed explicitly and exclusively for seniors. Explore topics you have always wanted to learn about, from photography to art history to women’s studies, and continue to challenge and expand your mind. Many classes include field trips, guest speakers and stimulating discussions.

Join a Hobby Workshop: If you have always wanted to learn to sew or quilt, make jewelry or scrapbook, consider joining hobby workshops. Many art supply stores offer arts and crafts workshops, many restaurants offer gourmet cooking workshops and many yard and garden supply stores offer container or raised bed gardening workshops. You can sign up for a photography workshop at a local photography supply store.

Exercise: Most gyms offer significantly discounted memberships for seniors. Many colleges and universities also allow seniors to utilize their athletic facilities for little to no cost. Take a yoga class or other exercise class. If you feel intimidated by the activity level demands of such classes, consider facilities that offer exercise classes designed specifically for seniors and people with limited mobility.

Dancing: Take a ballroom dancing, tap dancing, line dancing or folk dancing class with other seniors. Move your body and enjoy the melodies and rhythms of your favorite music while socializing with other seniors in a fun and structured format. Then, the next time you attend a family event, like a wedding or coming of age celebration, you can impress everyone with your new moves.