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There are many financial, health and life changes that you need to consider as you grow older. You may need to change your health insurance coverage to better suit your health care needs and think more critically about your life insurance plan. You may also want to look into different financial services provided by the government to help you afford everything you need, even when you are retired. This may be a lot of information to consider, but with the help of our comprehensive guides, you will be able to navigate all of the programs that apply to you as a senior citizen.

If you are struggling with health issues or need to visit the doctor more frequently because of your age, we offer a guide that explains everything you need to know about senior health coverage. Our guide will help you understand your coverage options, including Medicaid and Medicare. It will also cover eligibility requirements and the application processes so that you are fully informed about all of your health care options.

Our housing assistance guide will help you understand the parameters of Section 8 Housing and how you can apply for the program. If you need affordable or alternative housing options because you are retired or working less, our guide will also explain what you need to do in order to qualify.

If you are retired, you may no longer receive the same amount of income as you once did even with a substantial retirement fund. Fortunately, our guide to financial services will be able to inform you about unemployment benefits, food stamps and other government services that may be helpful to you.

Finally, you cannot forget about the importance of end of life arrangement plans. It may be hard to think about what will happen after you pass, but it is important for both your family and yourself to be prepared. Our end of life arrangement guide will help you handle your life insurance policy, choose a funeral plan or alternative and more.