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How to Choose a Funeral Casket

For senior citizens, understanding how to choose a coffin or casket is a significant step in the funeral planning process. Knowing how to select a casket is important for traditional funeral services that involve a viewing and burial. They can be used to hold a body or cremated remains. There are points to consider when buying a funeral casket or a coffin. The casket is often the centerpiece of a traditional funeral service, so choosing the right option for you or a loved one is important. The cost of caskets varies widely, and they can cost thousands of dollars. You can purchase a casket or coffin through a funeral provider, online or at a casket and coffin showroom. Learning how to buy a casket or coffin can help you find the most affordable and appropriate choice for your needs. Coffins and caskets are slightly different in dimension and shape, although they are very similar otherwise. In the United States, caskets are used more frequently than coffins. To learn how to choose a casket or coffin, read the sections below. You can also download our free guide for even more details.

Points to Consider When Buying a Funeral Casket

The main points to consider when buying a coffin are your budget and the style and material of the container. Knowing how to choose a coffin depends on you making a decision on how much you want to spend and what you or your loved one wants to be buried in. Set a price limit for choosing a coffin or casket and use this figure during the selection process. Setting a price limit is useful to navigate the large selection of caskets and coffins available by quickly ruling out options that are not within your price range. Two other factors seniors should consider when buying a casket are the construction materials and the style of the container. Metal and wood are the most common materials used for caskets, but other substances like plastic, fiberboard, fiberglass, precious stone and more are also used. There are also eco-friendly, biodegradable casket materials available that are usually inexpensive. Some high price materials can increase the cost of a casket or coffin.

As you are choosing a coffin and making funeral arrangements, consider the material that best fits your or your loved one’s personal preferences, personality and/or accomplishments. When buying a funeral casket or coffin, weigh the benefits of each construction material. When deciding how to choose a coffin, remember that the main purpose of the material is its visual appeal. There is no casket material that will keep a body preserved forever. Among the points to consider when buying a casket or coffin is where to make the purchase. When buying from a funeral home, the Funeral Rule requires the provider to give you a list containing the price of the caskets and coffins available. However, the lower cost options are often not displayed on the list. Make sure to ask about these options. You can also purchase a casket online or in a store without incurring an additional fee from your funeral home.

How to Select a Casket for a Funeral

Now that you have thought about the points to consider when buying a funeral casket or coffin, you can start the process of selecting the best option for your needs. When shopping for a coffin or casket, bring measurements of yourself or the deceased to make sure the casket has the right dimensions. First, visit your funeral home to see its selection and receive a price list, making sure to inquire about any low cost options available. Before deciding how to select a casket or coffin through a funeral home, check online resources and/or visit showrooms to see what other choices are available. This way, you can choose coffin options that suit your needs while planning for your or a loved one’s funeral. Use your previously determined budget along with your material and style preferences to compare your selections. Consider what image of yourself or your loved one the casket or coffin will project based on its material and style and how it will fit into the memorial service.

Remember all of the points to consider when buying a funeral casket or coffin as you make your final decision. If you purchase a casket or coffin online or in a showroom, let your funeral home know about the decision. The Funeral Rule states that a funeral home cannot charge you an additional fee for buying from a third party. Organize any shipping arrangements necessary to get the casket delivered to your funeral home. After finalizing how to choose a coffin or casket, you may have to purchase a burial container for your burial plot. Many cemeteries require a burial container such as a grave liner or burial vault to protect the casket from sinking into the grave. You can purchase a burial container from your funeral home, cemetery or a third party source. For a more detailed guide on how to choose a coffin or casket, download our free guide today.